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Resort Debauch
Resort Debauch
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Anneliese, a spoiled and demanding rich girl, spites her father by marrying a man she barely knows. Of all the places her husband could have chosen for their honeymoon, he elects to take her to the infamous pleasure world, Resort Debauch. Anneliese, blinded by her love for her husband, does not believe her husband capable of selling her into prostitution in order to repay his gambling debts. Raped and beaten, Anneliese draws upon a growing inner strength and escapes into the surrounding wasteland. And so begins her quest to find her missing husband; during which she discovers there is far more at stake than just her marriage. She becomes enmeshed in the indigenous people's fight to free their world. Through her insight and daring, Anneliese earns their trust and is named their prophet. But can she save them from destruction? Who are the mysterious Llaird who are said to travel in the wind? Join Anneliese on her perilous journey through worlds that will astound you, where danger lurks in every shadow and the past returns to haunt the present. Roxanne Smolen, through her enriched imagery and unbridled imagination, has created a storyline and characters that will keep you riveted to the final word and leave you wanting more.

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Resort Debauch

Resort Debauch

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