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Because People Matter
Because People Matter
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Our economy is focused on growth and profit. In any given business, success is measured by the flow of money, not the interest of the people involved. In Because People Matter, author Jurriaan Kamp tells us why there are better alternatives. Kamp argues that the world economy is not only based on money, but on human choices as well. It is those human choices that can promote the change necessary to transform our current crisis into a healthier economy that serves everyone. He offers insights on subjects such as a new method of dealing with national income; taxing the use of raw materials rather than income; a world trade based on reciprocity; money without interest; and the liability of shareholders and managers for negligence and environmental damage. Borrowing ideas from prominent economists, Kamp offers a coherent set of conditions for an economy in which it is the people who matter.

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Because People Matter

Because People Matter

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