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A Fool's Disciple
A Fool's Disciple
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Unknown enemies are pursuing Anthony, a 16-year-old novice monk. He sets out to identify those enemies and learn what they want of him. This quest leads to the search for his true identity and his rightful place in the world. In the course of his odyssey, the young hero will encounter fortune-telling gypsies and a distressed damsel, battle a ferocious beast, duel with jealose and vengeful knights, undergo quasi-supernatural experiences, endure imprisonment in a dungeon, and repel the machinations of a treacherous nobleman. The evil our protagonist witnesses, combined with his exposure to Cathari beliefs, causes him to question some of the precepts he learned in the monastary and reconsider age-old questions: What is the Nature of God? Why is there evil in the world? Which religious doctrine is true? Do we have the knowledge to judge the infinite?

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A Fool's Disciple

A Fool's Disciple

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